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Announcement: Some Changes

Posted on October 20, 2019. By SuPeRxXxEdGeLORD3:

Hello guys! First, i just want to thank the whole comunity for being so great! Anyway, Footer Forums is undergoing changes. We're changing servers, so the site won't be up from (hopefully only) about a day (probably October 25). We're also switching to CSS 6.22.323.1434.655823.23812732783. Be prepared, and I wish the comunity goodness!


Im having issues

Posted on October 20, 2019. By Fellow entity:

Hi im still kinda noob,so i want to ask about my footer. its acting wierd i have a 1969 footer model and when i pound it dopesnt move or do anything Help


Help. Script error

Posted on October 20, 2019. By TheRealPoundable:

I have the following script (I want to make the oneable-smell perform move to 372, 3128, 89):

Perform obtain 2323
perform move 372, 3128, 89
perform sleepsmall no

I get 'Footer cannot move.'


1 Reply:

FataOne replied on October 20, 2019

Each perform move has to be on a seperate line.

Poll: What's you favorite engine?

Posted on October 20, 2019. By DoILookProffesional:

83% Voted Urine Girl 1.0. 2% Voted Urine Girl 2.0. 9% Voted Footer Engine 3.0...

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2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


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